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New SEO Rules: See What You're Missing . . .

We just don’t hear about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as much as we used to. Judging from the topics trending online you’d think that SEO has become irrelevant, passé, out-of-date. Well, the truth is having a solid SEO strategy for your digital presence is more important now than ever to the success of your website. Since Google and other search engines hold the key to the level of free exposure and web traffic your website receives, learning the new rules of SEO is essential.

Google’s release of “Panda”, its latest major algorithm update, changes the way we need to approach optimizing our websites for search engines. In the past, getting your website to rank well in Google search results meant focusing on keyword placement, descriptive “title tags”, unique content and backlinking. Today, after the Panda update, these techniques are no longer enough.
Panda introduces some totally new elements to Google’s ranking methodology to help people find higher quality sites in their search…

Social Media, a Way of Life: The Numbers Don’t Lie

For many of us, social media has quickly, yet subtly come to occupy a place in our daily lives. Unwittingly, we, as individuals, are driving the remarkable growth of social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and blogs. Our impact has been brought to light by the compelling figures found in Nielsen’s “State of the Media: The Social Media Report”, released today.
Nielsen, a trusted source in traditional media ratings, has leaped into the social media arena with its first big-picture report on the topic. In particular, the report examines the rising influence of social media on consumer behavior and concludes that companies can benefit from beefing up their strategic engagement in the social media space.

7 Secrets to Unleashing Your Creativity

When was the last time you felt that flash of inspiration— the proverbial light bulb? Creativity, our capacity for novel thought, happens as we associate ideas and experiences in new, previously unrecognized ways. At its most basic level, creativity comes from new connections within our brain. We count on creativity for business success, inspired writing and exciting relationships. Let’s face it, even if you don’t invent the next Twitter or Facebook, novel ideas are quite rewarding.

A fresh perspective is the key to unlocking your creative ability. I know this from personal experience. Learn a few simple daily lifestyle changes and you may be surprised with spontaneous creativity.

Change Your Routine
Novel tasks and challenges stimulate innovative thought. Get a new perspective on life, literally, by changing your route to work or learning a new skill.

Mix and mingle with people from diverse industries and backgrounds. A brief conversation could lead to a unique idea or new…

Flash-Sale Sites: Get It While It’s Hot

Flash-sale sites – the online businesses which specialize in selling brands' excess inventory at deep discounts for a limited time – are the next trend in social media. The popularity of these sites that feature products for typically only 36 – 48 hours is growing quickly. Consumers are learning that they rarely need to pay full price for brand name items and are not likely to turn back. Unlike regular e-commerce sites, flash-sale sites engage customers by guaranteeing a totally new shopping experience each time you visit the site.

Exclusive Experience
The flash-sale experience feels exclusive from the moment you register to become a member, regardless of the fact that it is free. Gilt Groupe Chairman Susan Lyne describes her company’s goal as recreating the excitement of a sample sale online. And a clock ticking down the minutes until the sale ends; sure makes it feel like you must act fast or miss an exclusive buying opportunity. Bargain hunters with a taste for luxury have incr…

4 Technical Terms You Need to Know Before Interviewing a Digital Agency

By Roeland de Jong, Fashion's Collective

Even though marketing departments, who are oftentimes responsible for digital initiatives, primarily approach online marketing from a creative and/or business perspective, we cannot ignore the fact that the tools we use to create successful engaging experiences on the web remain inherently technological.

This fact forces us to constantly bear in mind technological boundaries when shaping new campaigns in the online landscape, therefore binding us to the task of continuously staying up-to-date to keep ourselves on the edge of what’s new and to maintain the pattern of delivering value-adding concepts to our brands.

It seems as if technological innovations are introduced with exponentially increasing speed. Obviously, we hear about them every now and then, but do we really get a chance, in the rush of day-to-day jobs, to understand the implications of an ever-evolving web and its new tools? Do we have time to understand these tools and pass co…

7 LinkedIn Tips to Get You Noticed

LinkedIn is much more than just a place to post your résumé online. For LinkedIn’s 120 million members, the true benefits lie in the opportunity it provides for professional social interaction. One of the best perks of joining the LinkedIn community is the potential access to executives from all of the Fortune 500 companies. The business relationships you nurture on LinkedIn can result in new business, a new job, and equally as important, industry insight.

I’ll be honest. In the past, I didn’t fully appreciate what LinkedIn had to offer, but I am newly awakened to the wonders of its professional network. Participating in LinkedIn’s professional scene – a good complement to laid-back Facebook – has made my social media networking activities more well-rounded.

Considering that professionals are joining LinkedIn at a rate faster than two new members per second, the opportunities for networking are endless. Clearly, harnessing the power of LinkedIn is invaluable to your career. By dedicati…

Hispanics in Social Media: Millions of Marketing Opportunities

I did a double take last week when I saw the Pew Research Center’s recent report that Hispanics were the highest early adopters of tablet computers. Could this be right? Yes, indeed it is, and there is a huge opportunity for savvy marketers to engage the $1 trillion US Hispanic market with social media, consumer tech and beyond.

US Hispanics topped 50 million for the first time in the recently released 2010 US Census and now represent one in every six US residents. What’s more, Hispanics account for more than half of the increase in the total US population in the last ten years. The overwhelmingly young, bilingual and bi-cultural Hispanic population is concentrated mostly within the influential 18 to 49 age demographic. Do I have your attention yet?

Hispanics Online Today
Increasingly tech- and social media-savvy, Hispanics are ready to engage with your brand online. To put this in perspective, there are currently 32 million Hispanics online, up 13% in the last year and representing mo…

An Exclusive Look at Bloomberg: What Reporters Want

Have you ever been curious about what happens behind the scenes of up-to-the-minute news agencies? Well I have. So the communications professional in me jumped at the opportunity to hear a few words from Bloomberg LP’s news professionals at “An Exclusive Look at Bloomberg”, a recent event hosted by The New York Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA-NY). (And to be honest, the kid in me reveled at the chance to tour the agency’s television studios and news room located in the Bloomberg Tower in Midtown New York City.)

As part of PRSA-NY’s “Inside the Media” series, this event offered members from the Investor Relations, Public Relations and Corporate Communications fields a valuable opportunity to learn how the $6.9 billion global financial news and data company gets its news. After all, in order to build a mutually beneficial relationship with reporters and media staff it is important to learn what makes them tick. Well, at Bloomberg, founded by popular New York Ci…

What is “The Cloud” Exactly?

Let's learn about the tech industry's latest mysterious term, “the cloud” computing, to better take advantage of its benefits and be aware of its limitations. So, what is “the cloud” that techies and companies say we need to use to store our digital documents?

Essentially, “the cloud” is the Internet or the many servers around the world that comprise it. If someone says that a photo, word document or some other digital file is stored in “the cloud”, it means that the file is actually located on a server which you access using the Internet, rather than on “local” devices like your computer or smartphone.

The “cloud”, believe it or not, as it has come to be known, has been around for several years, and most of us already use several cloud services. For instance, if you upload your photos to the Snapfish or Shutterfly online photo services, stream music from Pandora or send emails with web-based programs, like Hotmail or Gmail, then you are an active cloud user. These popular cl…

Spotlight on HuffPost's "Women in Tech" Series

Ceilings are cashing in Silicon Valley as women assume influential roles on the tech side of the Social Media revolution. Thanks to Huffington Post’s “Women in Tech” series, sponsored by Dell and Intel, over the next few weeks we will have the opportunity to learn about the inspirational and skilled women leading and influencing some of the most innovative companies in the technology sector today.

Arianna Huffington, Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post, notes that the "Women in Tech" series “is built on the knowledge that there's more progress to be made. Marissa Mayer [Google's VP of Location and Local Services] estimates women still only account for 15 to 17 percent of engineers in Silicon Valley.”

HuffPost’s ongoing series seemingly inspired by the remarks of Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and one of the ‘50 Most Powerful Women’ in business, at a TED talk called “Why we have too few women leaders”, kicked off on July 6th. Among the exclusi…

4 Approaches to Social Media Strategy Revealed

Companies around the globe are having the same exact discussion these days about what direction to take with social media. Hopefully your organization is among the many that realize that their bottom line can benefit from a strategic social media effort. Whether your current challenge is expanding your social media presence or merely getting C-suite buy-in for a Facebook page, identifying your current social media strategy is the best place to start.
A recent Harvard Business Review research study revealed that a company’s strategic approach to social media is generally oriented toward one of four distinct types based on a company’s organizational culture, its tolerance for uncertainty and its desired level of success. This far-reaching study includes input from 1,100 companies engaged in social media initiatives, located in different corners of the globe and across various industries.

The Corporate Intranet Goes Interactive

Today’s leading global corporations are using Social Media-inspired tactics to transform employee communications. Successfully capturing and retaining the attention of your employees means first recognizing the importance of communicating with your colleagues in a language they share and understand – intelligent, engaging digital communications. Then, put those dated notions of the dusty “Intranet” to rest! This is a digital revolution in Internal Communications where the creative use of New Media’s tools and techniques will at once achieve upper management’s goals and improve the employee experience.
A recent panel discussion, sponsored by the New York Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (NY/IABC), “The Wired Water Cooler”, offered an exclusive inside look into the successful Internal Communications strategies of three global companies: Pfizer, American Express and Tiffany & Co. Panelist Robert Libbey, Senior Director of Global Colleague Communicati…

7 Terms to Ignite Your Personal Brand

The Fourth of July weekend brought along with it loads of old-fashioned summer fun and some personal reflection on simple ways to strengthen one’s personal brand. Mastering the current lingo of our modern, fast-talking society beyond what appears in Merriam-Webster will give you an edge over your peers – and competition for that matter. This month our friends at Departures magazine, an American Express travel publication, share some of the “terms that define us now”.

1. Content Farm
A company that generates large amounts of Internet articles, usually written by freelancers, specifically designed to include the words and phrases most commonly searched online with the goal of increasing advertising revenue

2. Lifecasting
The continuous broadcast of every aspect of one’s life through digital media

Fresh-Squeezed New Media

Mastering today's innovations in new media can be a source of personal satisfaction and even pride for many of us. After all, it is quite an accomplishment to stay on top of all of these new digital technologies that seem to be announced every week. It goes without saying that today new technologies are life changing time-savers, our link to friends from times gone by and our main source of information. Yet, navigating the zany names can be a challenge in and of itself - from "The Cloud" and "Groupon" to "Flash sales" and "Twitter" the web is buzzing with activity and terminology. But have no fear your interest in engaging in digital innovation along with Method Media Collection's effective strategy will help you navigate this sea of new media! Tune in as I offer insight into premium online content to keep you on your digital toes both professionally and personally.