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What is “The Cloud” Exactly?

Let's learn about the tech industry's latest mysterious term, “the cloud” computing, to better take advantage of its benefits and be aware of its limitations. So, what is “the cloud” that techies and companies say we need to use to store our digital documents?

Essentially, “the cloud” is the Internet or the many servers around the world that comprise it. If someone says that a photo, word document or some other digital file is stored in “the cloud”, it means that the file is actually located on a server which you access using the Internet, rather than on “local” devices like your computer or smartphone.

The “cloud”, believe it or not, as it has come to be known, has been around for several years, and most of us already use several cloud services. For instance, if you upload your photos to the Snapfish or Shutterfly online photo services, stream music from Pandora or send emails with web-based programs, like Hotmail or Gmail, then you are an active cloud user. These popular cl…

Spotlight on HuffPost's "Women in Tech" Series

Ceilings are cashing in Silicon Valley as women assume influential roles on the tech side of the Social Media revolution. Thanks to Huffington Post’s “Women in Tech” series, sponsored by Dell and Intel, over the next few weeks we will have the opportunity to learn about the inspirational and skilled women leading and influencing some of the most innovative companies in the technology sector today.

Arianna Huffington, Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post, notes that the "Women in Tech" series “is built on the knowledge that there's more progress to be made. Marissa Mayer [Google's VP of Location and Local Services] estimates women still only account for 15 to 17 percent of engineers in Silicon Valley.”

HuffPost’s ongoing series seemingly inspired by the remarks of Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and one of the ‘50 Most Powerful Women’ in business, at a TED talk called “Why we have too few women leaders”, kicked off on July 6th. Among the exclusi…

4 Approaches to Social Media Strategy Revealed

Companies around the globe are having the same exact discussion these days about what direction to take with social media. Hopefully your organization is among the many that realize that their bottom line can benefit from a strategic social media effort. Whether your current challenge is expanding your social media presence or merely getting C-suite buy-in for a Facebook page, identifying your current social media strategy is the best place to start.
A recent Harvard Business Review research study revealed that a company’s strategic approach to social media is generally oriented toward one of four distinct types based on a company’s organizational culture, its tolerance for uncertainty and its desired level of success. This far-reaching study includes input from 1,100 companies engaged in social media initiatives, located in different corners of the globe and across various industries.

The Corporate Intranet Goes Interactive

Today’s leading global corporations are using Social Media-inspired tactics to transform employee communications. Successfully capturing and retaining the attention of your employees means first recognizing the importance of communicating with your colleagues in a language they share and understand – intelligent, engaging digital communications. Then, put those dated notions of the dusty “Intranet” to rest! This is a digital revolution in Internal Communications where the creative use of New Media’s tools and techniques will at once achieve upper management’s goals and improve the employee experience.
A recent panel discussion, sponsored by the New York Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (NY/IABC), “The Wired Water Cooler”, offered an exclusive inside look into the successful Internal Communications strategies of three global companies: Pfizer, American Express and Tiffany & Co. Panelist Robert Libbey, Senior Director of Global Colleague Communicati…

7 Terms to Ignite Your Personal Brand

The Fourth of July weekend brought along with it loads of old-fashioned summer fun and some personal reflection on simple ways to strengthen one’s personal brand. Mastering the current lingo of our modern, fast-talking society beyond what appears in Merriam-Webster will give you an edge over your peers – and competition for that matter. This month our friends at Departures magazine, an American Express travel publication, share some of the “terms that define us now”.

1. Content Farm
A company that generates large amounts of Internet articles, usually written by freelancers, specifically designed to include the words and phrases most commonly searched online with the goal of increasing advertising revenue

2. Lifecasting
The continuous broadcast of every aspect of one’s life through digital media

Fresh-Squeezed New Media

Mastering today's innovations in new media can be a source of personal satisfaction and even pride for many of us. After all, it is quite an accomplishment to stay on top of all of these new digital technologies that seem to be announced every week. It goes without saying that today new technologies are life changing time-savers, our link to friends from times gone by and our main source of information. Yet, navigating the zany names can be a challenge in and of itself - from "The Cloud" and "Groupon" to "Flash sales" and "Twitter" the web is buzzing with activity and terminology. But have no fear your interest in engaging in digital innovation along with Method Media Collection's effective strategy will help you navigate this sea of new media! Tune in as I offer insight into premium online content to keep you on your digital toes both professionally and personally.