7 Terms to Ignite Your Personal Brand

The Fourth of July weekend brought along with it loads of old-fashioned summer fun and some personal reflection on simple ways to strengthen one’s personal brand. Mastering the current lingo of our modern, fast-talking society beyond what appears in Merriam-Webster will give you an edge over your peers – and competition for that matter. This month our friends at Departures magazine, an American Express travel publication, share some of the “terms that define us now”.

1. Content Farm
A company that generates large amounts of Internet articles, usually written by freelancers, specifically designed to include the words and phrases most commonly searched online with the goal of increasing advertising revenue

2. Lifecasting
The continuous broadcast of every aspect of one’s life through digital media

3. Insourcing
To arrange for goods and/or services to be provided by a company’s own employees, as opposed to outsourcing

4. Encore Career
A second career, usually but not necessarily in mid-life, that provides more personal meaning and a greater social impact

5. Leetspeak
The practice of substituting numbers or symbols for letters, especially in Internet chat

6. Microblogging
The online posting of frequent brief entries detailing the events of one’s day

7. App
A computer or smart phone software designed as an individual unit with a specific function, as opposed to a software office suite


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