The Corporate Intranet Goes Interactive

Today’s leading global corporations are using Social Media-inspired tactics to transform employee communications. Successfully capturing and retaining the attention of your employees means first recognizing the importance of communicating with your colleagues in a language they share and understand – intelligent, engaging digital communications. Then, put those dated notions of the dusty “Intranet” to rest! This is a digital revolution in Internal Communications where the creative use of New Media’s tools and techniques will at once achieve upper management’s goals and improve the employee experience.

A recent panel discussion, sponsored by the New York Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (NY/IABC), “The Wired Water Cooler”, offered an exclusive inside look into the successful Internal Communications strategies of three global companies: Pfizer, American Express and Tiffany & Co. Panelist Robert Libbey, Senior Director of Global Colleague Communications at Pfizer opened up the discussion by highlighting how a well-designed corporate Intranet site not only builds community, better informs employees and saves time, but can also save millions of dollars in maintenance costs by reducing duplicated communication efforts.  

Under the leadership of Audrey Gray, Vice President of Executive Communications, American Express has truly reinvented the corporate intranet and raised the bar in employee communications. Ms. Gray has clearly taken her opening quote from Henry James to heart at AMEX: “The only rule is never be boring.” American Express’s Intranet site, “The Square”, is groundbreaking in its approach to providing “authentic” company news, information and tools with an edgy twist that keeps many of AMEX’s 63,000 global employees tuned in daily.

At Tiffany & Co., Bill Carr, Director of Internal Communications, leverages interactive communication tools to strengthen Tiffany's luxury brand messaging and inspire authentic brand ambassadors across the globe. Mr. Carr shared  that: "We still have a long way to go but we’re excited about new opportunities to use interactive tools to inform, educate and inspire our employees, while building engaged communities that can interact and learn from each other.”

The success experienced by NY/IABC’s insightful panelists in transitioning to relevant and interactive Internal Communications can be shared by any organization whether large or small, global or local. Your organization can also benefit from inspiring its team with a fresh approach to creative, authentic digital communications.


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