7 LinkedIn Tips to Get You Noticed

LinkedIn is much more than just a place to post your résumé online. For LinkedIn’s 120 million members, the true benefits lie in the opportunity it provides for professional social interaction. One of the best perks of joining the LinkedIn community is the potential access to executives from all of the Fortune 500 companies. The business relationships you nurture on LinkedIn can result in new business, a new job, and equally as important, industry insight.

I’ll be honest. In the past, I didn’t fully appreciate what LinkedIn had to offer, but I am newly awakened to the wonders of its professional network. Participating in LinkedIn’s professional scene – a good complement to laid-back Facebook – has made my social media networking activities more well-rounded.

Considering that professionals are joining LinkedIn at a rate faster than two new members per second, the opportunities for networking are endless. Clearly, harnessing the power of LinkedIn is invaluable to your career. By dedicating a few minutes a week to your profile, you will be well on your way to becoming a master of the LinkedIn universe.

Once you’ve got the basics covered in your profile, the following tips will help get you noticed.

1. Add a Photo
You’d be surprised, but adding a high-quality, professional photo is the #1 way to personalize your LinkedIn profile. So put on your best smile and let you personality shine though.

2. Update Your Status
The LinkedIn status update is an excellent social networking feature that can help you differentiate yourself within your network. Become that person that shares insightful comments, timely blog posts and valuable links to industry related news and events.

3. Create a Custom URL
Enhance your personal brand by creating a custom URL for your LinkedIn public profile.

4. Insert a Link to Your Website or Blog
There is a trick to listing your websites or blogs in your LinkedIn profile! While in the edit mode in your profile, click the dropdown menu in the websites section and choose “Other”, instead of “blog / business / personal”. Then, add the name of your website in the next box and the URL in the third box.

You can even take this a step further by including the URLs directly to different pages within your website, such as the page listing the services you offer. Jeannette Paladino explains this in her blog post.

5. Personalize Connection Requests
When you send someone an invitation to connect on LinkedIn, personalize it by clicking “Add to network” within his or her own profile. Then include a personal note with your connect request to set you apart from the crowd and show your genuine interest in building a professional relationship with your potential new contact.

6. Reply to Your New Connections
Whether you initiate a connection or accept someone else’s invitation to connect, reinforce your new LinkedIn relationship by sending a short message to say “Hello”. Be social and make the best of LinkedIn’s networking opportunities.

7. Join and Comment in Groups
Being a member of a LinkedIn group, it pretty rewarding. You can connect directly with professionals that share your interests. The key, again, is to be social. Comment regularly within others' conversations and they will return the favor when you initiate a topic.

If you have found this topic interesting or know another LinkedIn tip, please share a comment below.


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