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Social Media, a Way of Life: The Numbers Don’t Lie

For many of us, social media has quickly, yet subtly come to occupy a place in our daily lives. Unwittingly, we, as individuals, are driving the remarkable growth of social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and blogs. Our impact has been brought to light by the compelling figures found in Nielsen’s “State of the Media: The Social Media Report”, released today.
Nielsen, a trusted source in traditional media ratings, has leaped into the social media arena with its first big-picture report on the topic. In particular, the report examines the rising influence of social media on consumer behavior and concludes that companies can benefit from beefing up their strategic engagement in the social media space.

7 Secrets to Unleashing Your Creativity

When was the last time you felt that flash of inspiration— the proverbial light bulb? Creativity, our capacity for novel thought, happens as we associate ideas and experiences in new, previously unrecognized ways. At its most basic level, creativity comes from new connections within our brain. We count on creativity for business success, inspired writing and exciting relationships. Let’s face it, even if you don’t invent the next Twitter or Facebook, novel ideas are quite rewarding.

A fresh perspective is the key to unlocking your creative ability. I know this from personal experience. Learn a few simple daily lifestyle changes and you may be surprised with spontaneous creativity.

Change Your Routine
Novel tasks and challenges stimulate innovative thought. Get a new perspective on life, literally, by changing your route to work or learning a new skill.

Mix and mingle with people from diverse industries and backgrounds. A brief conversation could lead to a unique idea or new…