7 Secrets to Unleashing Your Creativity

When was the last time you felt that flash of inspiration— the proverbial light bulb? Creativity, our capacity for novel thought, happens as we associate ideas and experiences in new, previously unrecognized ways. At its most basic level, creativity comes from new connections within our brain. We count on creativity for business success, inspired writing and exciting relationships. Let’s face it, even if you don’t invent the next Twitter or Facebook, novel ideas are quite rewarding.

A fresh perspective is the key to unlocking your creative ability. I know this from personal experience. Learn a few simple daily lifestyle changes and you may be surprised with spontaneous creativity.

 Change Your Routine
Novel tasks and challenges stimulate innovative thought. Get a new perspective on life, literally, by changing your route to work or learning a new skill.

Mix and mingle with people from diverse industries and backgrounds. A brief conversation could lead to a unique idea or new approach.

Write It Down
Your ideas are golden, don’t let them slip away. Big or small, write down and keep your ideas.

Quiet Time
Reserve several minutes a day to sit quietly by yourself and let your ideas surface. Resist the urge to jam-pack your schedule. Your brain needs breaks.

You might even want to meditate. As described on Livestrong.com, “focus on your breath, being aware of every inhale and exhale. Notice your thoughts without attaching any significance to them. Try to make yourself as still as possible.”

Sleep on It
In his book Brain Rules, John Medina, a professor and molecular biologist, describes how our brains engage in vigorous rhythmical activity while we sleep, possibly replaying what we learned during the day. A common rule of thumb is that you are getting enough sleep if you wake up without an alarm clock.

Exercise Your Brain
Physical activity brings more nourishment to our brains and actually produces chemicals that help it thrive, so take a jog around the block. Also, playing brain games, like Sudoku and Lumosity.com, improve short term memory, which stimulates innovation. Just remember to mix it up from time to time to challenge your brain in new ways.

Be Curious
Actively seek new learning opportunities and approach them with the curiosity of a child. In fact, to learn more ways to get the most of your brain, I highly recommend the New York Times bestselling book Brain Rules.

Just curious, what personally helps you come up with great new ideas? Share a comment below.


  1. good review.inspiring and intelligent tips.

  2. Thanks I appreciate your comments!

  3. Love the tips, Sharon. I always let my copy sit for a while, overnight if possible. I find the copy has "changed itself." By that I mean that it is so easy to edit myself when I've stepped back. The changes come naturally. I don't know if I'm thinking while I'm sleeping, but it seems to work!

  4. Great tips Sharon! Seems the older I get, the more I need to write it down. :) For me, changing my routine is key. Some of my most creative ideas have originated when I'm relaxing by the ocean or some place new. Funny you should mention Sudoku! I love that game and start out every morning playing it online while I have that first cup of coffee.


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