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New SEO Rules: See What You're Missing . . .

We just don’t hear about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as much as we used to. Judging from the topics trending online you’d think that SEO has become irrelevant, passé, out-of-date. Well, the truth is having a solid SEO strategy for your digital presence is more important now than ever to the success of your website. Since Google and other search engines hold the key to the level of free exposure and web traffic your website receives, learning the new rules of SEO is essential.

Google’s release of “Panda”, its latest major algorithm update, changes the way we need to approach optimizing our websites for search engines. In the past, getting your website to rank well in Google search results meant focusing on keyword placement, descriptive “title tags”, unique content and backlinking. Today, after the Panda update, these techniques are no longer enough.
Panda introduces some totally new elements to Google’s ranking methodology to help people find higher quality sites in their search…