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What You Need to Know Now about Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing evolves every minute with every tweet, Google search and now Instagram post. For your brand to succeed in the digital media space of tomorrow there are a few things that you should know now. This list includes insights into innovative Digital Marketing approaches that will prove to be valuable beyond just the trends of Digital Marketing in 2013.

1. Digital and Traditional Marketing together

Digital Marketing is about having meaningful ongoing conversations using digital tools to engage your audience of choice. The ultimate goal is to start a two-way conversation that will build your brand and inspire your content to be shared, further expanding brand awareness.  In the process of delving into using the tools of Digital Marketing, such as twitter, Facebook, blogs and website, traditional marketing should not be overlooked. Matt Kates a blogger for Econsultancy explains this well: “A good way to think about traditional marketing is that it presents a highly effective way…

Brands Attract Customers with Simplicity

In general, brands should employ a simplicity strategy to attract customers, while also nurturing relationships with more mature customers. It goes without saying that the consumers that are most loyal follow particular brands religiously. These are the early adopters; the evangelists that can hardly be swayed to try another brand's products. These are the relationships that your brand has built over time. You’ll need to continue to nurture this tribe of customers through your digital media strategy to make it continue to feel exclusive.

However, acquiring those new customers that you want online will involve executing an approach supported by the theories covered in Harvard Business Review's article "To Keep Your Customers, Keep It Simple". As Patrick Spenner and Karen Freeman outline in the article, I agree that the top reason for potential customers connecting with a brand online is to "get information and discounts, and to buy things". Many of the Faceb…

Newsjacking @Oreo Cookie Style

Like many of you, I have found "newsjacking", the real-time marketing technique of recent times, highly entertaining.  In our modern world of reality TV it is fitting that companies, brands and personalities intentionally insert themselves into new stories. To paraphrase David Meerman Scott, “newsjacking” as defined in his book, “Newsjacking: How to Inject your Ideas into a Breaking News Story and Generate Tons of Media Coverage”, is publishing your personal angle, ideas, or perspective into a breaking news story or event to earn media coverage for your company, brand, products or services.
This technique is even more popular now than ever, because social media tools like Twitter and Facebook make it so easy. That being said a company or brand still has some work to do to get newsjacking right. First of all, for successful newsjacking an innate sense for news and the ability to predict public reaction in a split second is a must. Secondly, a brand must be given the freedom t…

Harnessing Big Data for Business Success

Trying to comprehend Big Data’s ever-growing, sophisticated and varied information is like playing one of those mind games where you try to imagine increasingly larger numbers in your head until you either get a headache or give up. You remember those games don’t you? For instance, try imagining the number of people sitting in a baseball stadium. Now imagine double the number of people in a stadium. It is dizzying. Isn’t it? In his article “Why Big Data is the Sexiest New Marketing Tool”, Josh Dreller quotes Eric Schmidt, Google's executive chairman, as estimating that: "Humans now create in two days the same amount of data that it took from the dawn of civilization until 2003 to create". This notion is so significant that Dreller even repeats it twice. As I see it, today we have the same two options with Big Data, the concept behind one of 2012’s biggest buzzwords – get a headache or give up.

By choosing to engage in the exploration of Big Data today many companies wil…

The Importance of the First Glance: A Website Design Review

The same is true for websites as for meeting new people – the first impression is a lasting impression. Whether or not brands want to face it, potential customers are more likely to visit their website before their brick-and-mortar locations. We’ve all been in this situation -- someone mentions the name of a business that is new to you and the first thing you do is Google it. After all, you need to judge whether it is worth making the trip in person, and besides these days how would you know the business’s address unless you looked it up on its website. Do brands realize this? You would think the obvious answer is yes. Yet, after spending a few minutes shopping online it is clear that many websites have room for improvement. To be fair though, most small to medium-sized businesses have little digital marketing experience and rely solely on the recommendations of website design professionals. Keeping that in mind, I am going to analyze the website of RK Bridal, the award-winning bridal…

Thinking Through News Website Paywalls

In the world of citizen journalists, the outstanding Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism of The New York Times (The Times) and its caliber of publications should put up a strong fight to keep their readers. The Harvard Business Review’s “The New York Times Paywall” case study examines the challenge this newspaper faces in generating consistent revenue in the digital age. The Times attempts to secure its readership by introducing a paywall, a system for restricting access to articles online in order to charge a subscription. With a diverse well-educated audience to reach, The Times has done well in designing a paywall that combines both a metered system with free access to a specific number of articles and a device specific offer. Without having a crystal ball it is hard to say whether this is the best digital strategy, but it is certainly better than the editors throwing their hands up in the air and providing free access to all of its articles.

Being accessible online through tablets …

How Fascinating is the 'Fascination Advantage Test' . . . Really?

 Well-recognized personality tests, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment, have been highly valuable in identifying what drives my engagement at work and what occupation would be the best fit for me. Surprisingly, the Fascination Advantage Test that I took this weekend with such anticipation left me wanting more. The pitch for this particular personality test is that it measures “how the world sees you” as opposed to “how you see the world”.

I’ll give the creators of the test credit in two areas. First, it was impressive that in a 10-minute, 28-question assessment the Fascination Advantage test could accurately identify my personality type. For me this means that the researchers have spent the necessary time and effort required to perfect the questionnaire. Also, cleverly the fact that each question had to be answered on a 4 level scale means you can’t give a neutral answer. The scale forces you to identify whether the trait described is like you or alternatively not l…

Best Kept Secrets to ‘Fabulous for Less’ at TJ Maxx & Marshalls

Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I refuse to pay full price for fabulous. That’s why the Marshalls / TJ Maxx brands have played such a central role in my shopping narrative for the last two decades. For some shoppers it’s all about being seen carrying a high-end store’s shopping bag with recently-purchased goods wrapped in tissue paper. I am proud to say all of that does nothing for me. My approach to shopping is much more practical. With limited time for shopping, I am always confident Marshalls and TJ Maxx will have the clothes and “home goods” I need. I set out on my Marshalls / TJ Maxx shopping excursions once or twice a season with a list, a bottle of water and a pair of comfortable shoes. The mission is always to come home at the end of the day with a bag full of fabulous designer brands at a fraction of their original cost.

The Marshalls and TJ Maxx brands resonate with the smart, modern shopper who is looking to maximize both their dollars and quality. These brands h…