Newsjacking @Oreo Cookie Style

Like many of you, I have found "newsjacking", the real-time marketing technique of recent times, highly entertaining.  In our modern world of reality TV it is fitting that companies, brands and personalities intentionally insert themselves into new stories. To paraphrase David Meerman Scott, “newsjacking” as defined in his book, “Newsjacking: How to Inject your Ideas into a Breaking News Story and Generate Tons of Media Coverage”, is publishing your personal angle, ideas, or perspective into a breaking news story or event to earn media coverage for your company, brand, products or services.

This technique is even more popular now than ever, because social media tools like Twitter and Facebook make it so easy. That being said a company or brand still has some work to do to get newsjacking right. First of all, for successful newsjacking an innate sense for news and the ability to predict public reaction in a split second is a must. Secondly, a brand must be given the freedom to immediately react to news and events without rounds and rounds of internal approval of messaging. Like Meerman Scott points out in his video on this topic, most companies forget about the “right now” while they are busy planning campaigns for the future. Once all of this is in place, one key ingredient for successfully pulling off newsjacking is a clever sense of humor. In the consumer marketplace, some of the brands that are most successful at diverting the focus from the original news story onto themselves use humor.
Although many brands try to consistently garner earned media through newsjacking, few are as effective as the Oreo Cookie brand.  Oreo has become a model for the successful use of newsjacking to promote its brand. By giving a creative person (or team) the freedom to react to news and pop culture in real time the essence of the Oreo brand has been personified. Through the skillful use of social media tools like Twitter, the Oreo cookie now has a voice that is truly witty and young at heart -- and a stronger brand for it.  Most recently, Oreo Cookie (@Oreo) newsjacked the royal announcement of the birth of Prince George with the tweet below.

As a marketing and communications person I would like to meet the person behind the cookie. Hey is the person behind the @Oreo twitter handle going to be speaking anywhere? I am thoroughly intrigued by his / her ability to create humorous, relevant and highly retweetable tweets with such frequency.  Does anyone have a link to a newsjacking that was even better than Oreo’s recent tweets? I’d love to hear about them.


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