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What You Need to Know Now about Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing evolves every minute with every tweet, Google search and now Instagram post. For your brand to succeed in the digital media space of tomorrow there are a few things that you should know now. This list includes insights into innovative Digital Marketing approaches that will prove to be valuable beyond just the trends of Digital Marketing in 2013.

1. Digital and Traditional Marketing together

Digital Marketing is about having meaningful ongoing conversations using digital tools to engage your audience of choice. The ultimate goal is to start a two-way conversation that will build your brand and inspire your content to be shared, further expanding brand awareness.  In the process of delving into using the tools of Digital Marketing, such as twitter, Facebook, blogs and website, traditional marketing should not be overlooked. Matt Kates a blogger for Econsultancy explains this well: “A good way to think about traditional marketing is that it presents a highly effective way…

Brands Attract Customers with Simplicity

In general, brands should employ a simplicity strategy to attract customers, while also nurturing relationships with more mature customers. It goes without saying that the consumers that are most loyal follow particular brands religiously. These are the early adopters; the evangelists that can hardly be swayed to try another brand's products. These are the relationships that your brand has built over time. You’ll need to continue to nurture this tribe of customers through your digital media strategy to make it continue to feel exclusive.

However, acquiring those new customers that you want online will involve executing an approach supported by the theories covered in Harvard Business Review's article "To Keep Your Customers, Keep It Simple". As Patrick Spenner and Karen Freeman outline in the article, I agree that the top reason for potential customers connecting with a brand online is to "get information and discounts, and to buy things". Many of the Faceb…