Brands Attract Customers with Simplicity

In general, brands should employ a simplicity strategy to attract customers, while also nurturing relationships with more mature customers. It goes without saying that the consumers that are most loyal follow particular brands religiously. These are the early adopters; the evangelists that can hardly be swayed to try another brand's products. These are the relationships that your brand has built over time. You’ll need to continue to nurture this tribe of customers through your digital media strategy to make it continue to feel exclusive.

However, acquiring those new customers that you want online will involve executing an approach supported by the theories covered in Harvard Business Review's article "To Keep Your Customers, Keep It Simple". As Patrick Spenner and Karen Freeman outline in the article, I agree that the top reason for potential customers connecting with a brand online is to "get information and discounts, and to buy things". Many of the Facebook fans or Twitter followers that brands have collected actually only “followed” them to get a discount or a coupon, then tuned out the brand’s messages.

I agree with the article that people are looking for simplicity, after all, we busy people search for products online for the very same reasons the article describes. First, many online shoppers try to avoid a trip to the store at all costs. And why not? We can now easily compare product features, customer reviews and deals at different stores without hitting traffic and looking for a parking spot. Most consumers have moved beyond their hesitation to share credit card information online, so getting them to buy online is much easier now. The brands that employ decision simplicity strategies online will be most successful at acquiring new customers.

Decision simplicity strategies make it easier for customers to do what they want – to buy. The Harvard Business Review article also discusses the example of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel used to deliver information parents need most to plan their Disney vacation. By providing credible information about how to make the most of their trip or strategies for avoiding the lines, Disney gives parents planning a vacation just what they need to finally book that trip. I say that from personal experience. When I was deciding whether to go to Disney World, the first searches I did online were to determine the best time of year to visit and how to avoid the lines.

I recommend reading this article to learn more about standing out by making it simple for your current and future customers to make the decision to buy your product. It’s as simple as that. What are your thoughts on the topic? Share below.


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